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8-hour Freshness with Johnsons Blossom Baby Powder

Never underestimate the power of play especially during this time of uncertainty. Not only is it an integral part of their development, helping them grow physically, socially, and emotionally, but it’s also an opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children. While active play is great because it fosters creative exploration and inspires discovery, it may also mean more sweat and odor. But instead of limited playtime with the fear that our kids will get sweaty, smelly, and dirty, moms can protect the joy of play by making sure that their children get instant and long-lasting freshness!

Before and during play, freshen up with Johnson’s® Blossom Baby Powder or Johnson’s® Active Fresh Powder that uses PlayProtect Technology. This technology refers to the ingredients used in the PlayProtect line of Johnson’s® Powder, Shampoo, and Bath that uses Active Fresh Technology and natural ingredients to provide gentle protection against germs while keeping kids fresh as they play.

How does Johnson’s® Blossom Baby Powder or Active Fresh Powder give kids instant and long-lasting freshness? Active Fresh technology uses encapsulated fragrance oils that contain ingredients that neutralize malodor and release fragrance once it comes into contact with sweat. So, the more your child sweats, the more fragrant he/she gets. Tests have shown that Johnson’s® Blossom Baby Powder keeps its instant and long-lasting fragrance for up to 8 hours and 12 hours for Johnson’s® Active Fresh Baby Powder! You no longer need to worry because as your child sweats, Johnson’s® Active Fresh Technology continuously releases fragrance, for that 12-hour freshness during playtime so the joy of play continues!

Protect your child from sweat, malodor, and irritation by using Johnson’s® Active Fresh Powder before and during playtime. Johnson’s® Active Fresh Powder leaves kids feeling and smelling fresh as they play and engage in activities that continuously teach them about their environment and about the world. Play protected with Johnson’s®.

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