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Protecting the joy of play with Johnsons PlayProtect Technology


In light of the world’s current situation, protocols and mandates have been put into place for the fight against COVID-19. One of the changes that had an extensive impact on communities and families is the shift towards online schooling. This new learning environment may not have been as easy for our kids as we have thought. With schools closed, what was once a home-space is now a workplace for kids. Learning from a digital screen makes it challenging to interact with teachers and classmates. As a result, some kids are finding it hard to catch up with lessons.

During this time of massive upheaval, as parents, we need to bring back a sense of normalcy to our kids. Play with mom can help bring joy amidst the challenges brought by online learning. With schools closed and friends far away, engaging in your child’s playtime is important. Aside from bringing joy and fun to children, active play is also an integral part of their holistic development. It teaches kids how to solve problems and use their imagination.

As kids play, their skin is prone to irritation due to sweat and they get exposed to germs. That sweaty, stinky, and dirty feeling hampers playtime and causes kids to stop playing and get irritable, so the fun stops. We believe that play between mom and child should not get interrupted, so the joy of play continues. Uninterrupted play allows children to be fully absorbed with what they are doing— teaching them to give enough time and focus into processing new information and ideas.

At Johnson’s®, we want to protect the joy and wonders that play brings to both parents and children. That’s why we have the Johnson’s regimen with PlayProtect Technology. It gently protects your kids from sweat, malodor, irritation, and germs, so play with mom and child lasts longer. Before and during play, freshen with Johnson’s® Blossom Baby Powder. It provides long-lasting protection and fragrance for for up to 8 hours - that leaves baby’s skin comfortably dry, silky smooth, and smelling fragrant longer than ever.

After play, cleanse with Johnson’s® Clean & Fresh Bath and Johnson’s® Active Fresh Shampoo. Johnson’s Bath has natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin while effectively washing away 99.9% of germs as proven in an antimicrobial test with e-coli. Johnson’s Shampoo prevents dust and dirt from sticking to your child’s hair while also removing germs with gentle cleansing.

In this new normal, moms can bring back the joy of play while making sure they are protected against sweat, germs, malodor, and irritation by completing the PlayProtect regimen. Freshen your child before and during play with Johnson’s® Powder for 8-hour freshness and gently wash away 99.9% of germs after playtime with Johnson’s® Shampoo and Bath.

Play protected. Play more. Protect the joy of play with Johnson’s®.

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