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Bathing Your Baby

Bath time  is not just about keeping your baby clean—emerging  science reveals multisensory experiences are critical to helping shape your baby’s growing brain. With opportunities for touch, sight, smell and sound, bath time is an excellent time for you to nurture your baby’s development. 

When it comes to bath time, your baby has special needs. Learn how to wash your baby safely and effectively while engaging her senses and growing the bond the two of you share.

As your baby grows, she’ll start to explore more, which means she’ll make more of a mess. Too many baths may dry out her skin, so what can you do to keep her clean in between?

Bathtime is an opportunity to help your baby learn and grow. Discover what you can do with your baby to help her get the most out of bathtime.

Your toddler is becoming more independent every day, but she’s still learning from you. Help her explore her world even more by making bathtime special.

As your baby’s hair grows, it will need the right cut, care and products to help keep it healthy and knot-free.

Sponge baths are a great option to care for your newborn’s delicate needs, while still bonding and encouraging your baby’s healthy development through scent and touch.

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