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Caring for Your Baby

When you smooth lotion on your baby, you’re doing much more than just protecting his skin. Your gentle loving touch and the pleasant scent engage his senses and help the two of you bond—nurturing your baby’s happy, healthy development.

Your baby’s skin is one of baby’s best defenses against irritants, germs and bacteria. But in order to help protect your baby, it has to be healthy.

If you notice something unusual about your newborn’s skin, don’t fret just yet. These common newborn skin conditions are generally harmless and go away on their own.

Your baby’s umbilical cord will fall off in about a week, or so, after you bring him home. Until then, be sure to keep it clean and dry.

Your baby’s skin barrier is his first line of defense from the outside world. To remain healthy, it’s important for the skin to be properly hydrated. Be sure to keep his skin moisturized to help protect against dryness.

Keep your baby happy, healthy and squeaky-clean. Get tips on how to care for his eyes, ears, nose and nails.

Bringing your baby outdoors is a great way to help him explore and grow — but his skin is extra sensitive to the sun’s UV rays.

As your baby grows, so do his teeth! Get your toddler excited about dental care and start him on a healthy daily routine.

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