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The Power of Gentle Washing

With so many changes happening in the new normal, one of the things that should remain is child’s play. Playtime should stay uninterrupted and continue to be a special moment of bonding between moms and kids. In this new normal, play can offer a safe space for periods of enjoyment and learning. But the more kids play, the more they get exposed to germs. Disinfecting is a necessity these days, but frequent washing can be harsh on kids’ skin, especially when using products that are not gentle and specially formulated for sensitive skin. Continue to protect the joy of play by protecting your children’s skin against germs and irritation with gentle washing with Johnson’s®.

It is well-known that clean skin and good hygiene contribute significantly to the prevention of sickness and infection by reducing the transmission of contaminants and other agents from one person to another. After play, bathe your child with Johnson’s® Active Fresh Bath to gently wash away 99.9% of germs *as seen in an anti-microbial test with e-coli. Use Johnson’s® Active Fresh Shampoo with anti-static technology that prevents dust and dirt buildup on hair, giving your child that long-lasting fresh feeling. Using the PlayProtect Technology, Johnson’s® Bath and Shampoo contain natural ingredients that wash away 99.9% of germs without irritating the skin and use Active Fresh Technology that has been tested and proven to maintain fragrance for up to 12 hours!

The joy of play continues with Johnson’s which protects your child from germs, sweat, malodor, and skin irritation. Keep your child clean, fresh, and fragrant even after hours of active play! Play protected with Johnson’s® PlayProtect Technology.

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