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Balloon Heads

Balloon Heads

Things You Need

  • flour / baby powder
  • balloon
  • funnel
  • wool / glue / things for decorating

Steps/ Instruction


Use a funnel to pour some flour into an empty bottle. Blow up a balloon and hold the neck tightly to prevent it from deflating. Then pull the neck around the top of the bottle. Carefully tip the bottle to pour the flour into the balloon. Hold the neck of the balloon, then pull it off of the bottle. Then slowly deflate the balloon until all of the air has gone, then tie in a tight knot. Wrap some wool around your fingers about 50 times to create a loop. Then tie another piece of wool around the centre of the loop and cut the ends. Use two ends of the wool to tie it around the knot of the balloon to make the hair. Use a black pen to draw a face onto the front of the balloon.

Top Tip:

Wait until the pen ink has completely dried before squeezing the balloon, otherwise it may smudge.

Suitable for

Toddlers - Preschoolers

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